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Break Through the Barriers: $20-50 million
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Scaling the Summit: $100-250 million
Sky’s the Limit: $250-500 million
Billion Dollar Ascent: $500 million - 1 billion

Join a community of financial advisors who are committed to expanding their business and training and developing their clients in the science of investing based on empirically tested, Nobel Prize-winning academic research.1



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Portfolios and Proprietary Funds Engineered and Managed Utilizing Nobel Prize-Winning1 Investment Principles

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Investor On-Boarding Process

American Dream Experience

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At Matson Money Discover How:

Matson Money engineers portfolios informed by Nobel Prize winning research1 with integrity, investing in 21 asset classes, with over 24,000 holdings, across 76 countries.3

Matson provides operational services and time-tested, effective processes to advisors which can allow them to spend time on growing their business and cultivating relationships.

You can expand your business with accessible client-ready training and marketing content. Whether you are at $10 million, $50 million, or $500 million, you can scale your business using our methodologies, coaching tools, and seminars that can create transformational experiences.

To elevate your business with top-notch entrepreneurial training, business development, branding, leadership, and human performance coaching.

You can transform a family's experience of investing through our innovative American Dream Experience.

Mark Matson.

The Founder and CEO of Matson Money, a $10.5 billion (as of 3.27.2024) in assets under management RIA, who works with over 500 unaffiliated advisors across the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico, and in Canada. He is the creator of educational experiences, platforms, and tools that can make Nobel Prize-winning1 investing research accessible to investors and can transform their relationship to money. Most notably, he is the creator of The American Dream Experience and the Matson Method.

Matson Money’s Academic Advisory Board2 is comprised of luminaries in their respective fields bringing expertise in the critical aspects of what it means to be an investor and how to leverage the power of free markets. Each member provides an invaluable contribution to the foundational principles of Matson Money, while also playing a key role helping to build our future as a premier investor coaching company.

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Our unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity and service.

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The continuous pursuit of financial academic theory. Being the leader in the application of empirically tested Nobel Prize-winning investing principles.

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Transforming investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout an entire lifetime.


We are a stand that a free market pricing system inspires competition, innovation and wealth creation.